Chemexfoliation: The Uses, Benefits And Types You Should Know About

Chemexfoliation Treatment In Mumbai

Your skin tone may become uneven, wrinkled, spotted, or scarred as you age, as a result of sun exposure, acne, or just ageing. You might want to think about getting a chemical peel to get rid of face wrinkles and age lines if you want your skin to seem smoother and younger. Chemical peels remove the topmost layers of skin that have been damaged by the sun and other environmental conditions.


They are chemicals that, as their name implies, cause your skin’s outer layers to peel off. As a result, the procedure is also known as chemical exfoliation or Chemexfoliation In Mumbai. Most of these substances have an acidic character. Acidic essentially indicates that these compounds have a pH lower than 7. There are many different types of acids that may be applied to the skin, and they all offer different advantages. Additionally, they may be utilised to aid with stronger or softer effects by changing their potency.


Why are chemical peels used by people? Different types of chemical peels are used for a few fundamental purposes. These peels contain a lot of plant-derived acids. Among the numerous uses are:


  • Acne treatment
  • Anti-aging
  • Pigmentation treatment
  • Brightening agent
  • Scar treatment, including   treatment for acne scars


Given its many benefits, it is understandable that using chemical peels at home to self-medicate has become popular. You might wonder why someone would do that. It’s easy. Without a doubt, administering the therapy yourself at home is more practical. By avoiding the need to drive to a clinic, you not only save money but also time and discomfort. The money saved comes from not having to travel to a clinic, consult with a doctor, or receive treatment in a hospital environment.


Unlocking the full advantages of the peel is when the issues with doing peels at home begin. When you buy a regular peel for your house, you use the fixed strength of the peel that is advised on the package. You are ignoring the professional counsel of a dermatologist who has administered hundreds of peels. A skin expert would be able to direct you toward the ideal peel for your problems and adjust the intensity and concentration in accordance with their evaluation of the conditions unique to your skin and problems. When you do the peel at home, this information is entirely absent. 


The possibility of mixtures is another thing that’s lacking at home. Some peels can be mixed and applied in succession to deliver tailored outcomes for particular issues. Beyond this, the bigger problem is brought on by the potential negative consequences of chemical peels. They are important and require attention. The numerous possible negative consequences include: 


  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, or PIH, In certain cases, the medication used to treat the condition may make it worse. A prime example of such is PIH. This danger can be managed by a dermatologist, as it is difficult to do so at home.
  • Chemical peels can cause immediate problems such as skin inflammation, redness, and irritation. It is essential to have a skilled doctor around to assist you in the event that such a circumstance does arise.
  • When you are expecting or nursing, some peels must be absolutely avoided. Although these facts are also stated on the labels of items for use at home, convenience includes the capacity to ignore such warnings!
Chemexfoliation In Mumbai

Types of Peels

  • Light Peels – Alpha hydroxy acids, the naturally occurring acids present in fruits and other foods, are used in light peels. These alpha hydroxy acids are used to treat liver or UV damage, dry skin, acne, and dry skin. A mild peel can enhance the texture of older or sun-damaged skin, minimise pore size, and diminish the appearance of tiny facial wrinkles. Usually, a series of six to eight treatments spaced around two or three weeks apart is used to produce light peels. The peel’s side effects are typically minor, with redness that lasts one to two days.
  • Medium Peels – Trichloroacetic acid is typically used to do these peels. Once every two to three years, this peel targets the deeper layers of skin. A medium peel can also get rid of precancerous lesions and deeper wrinkles in addition to the skin benefits of light peels. Redness makes a medium peel’s aftereffects, which may last a week or longer, more noticeable (resembling a severe sunburn).
  • Deep Peels – The other forms of peels are applied more often than deep peels. Phenol is the substance that is most frequently used for deep peels. These peels address skin damage and far deeper skin layers. These peels need to be used carefully in addition to the potential for cardiac issues since they result in long-term skin whitening and have a protracted healing period, sometimes lasting up to two months. Dark-skinned people are not advised to use Chemexfoliation Treatment In Mumbai.

Before Getting A Chemical Peel, Talk To Your Doctor About Any Medical Issues

Prior to receiving a chemical peel or, for that matter, any other form of treatment you are contemplating, it is crucial to address any potential medical issues you may have. Herpes simplex virus infection in the past or present is very important (cold sores). If there is an active infection present, you could be advised to postpone getting a chemical peel until it has subsided. In addition, everything but the lightest peels may be off-limits if you have a history of keloid (thick, pigmented scars).

Chemical peels should be avoided by patients with HIV/AIDS or immunosuppression since they may slow wound healing and increase the risk of infection and scarring. Additionally, individuals who have just completed an oral isotretinoin or accutane course, as well as a recent browlift or facelift, should talk about this beforehand to identify the ideal timing for your therapy.

In conclusion, while any therapy may be carried out conveniently at home, some are best left under the guidance of an expert. The best course of action in the case of chemical peels may be to have your initial peels in a medical facility. After discussing with your dermatologist, you can later continue your treatments at home. You may quickly schedule an appointment with Charm We Maintain to see the best Chemexfoliation Treatment in Mumbai, including the author of this article.

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